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Artfully crafted sweet delights and unique household décor abound this gift set. This Luxury Gift Box Includes:

Christopher Elbow Chocolate (9 Piece):

Part of the Signature collection, this assortment of Christopher Elbow gourmet artisan chocolate will not only delight your taste buds, but astound your eyes. Ornately designed and crafted to perfection, the assortment features a variety of caramels to dark and white ganaches. Not to mention this guilty pleasure is also gluten-free.

Fringe Studio Indigo Stripe Planter:

Whether you need a pencil holder or a planter for your fresh flowers, Fringe Studio’s Indigo Stripe Planter will fulfill your needs. It’s modern and useful.

Ceramic Bisque Planter
3.5″ x 3.25″

Care Instructions: Decorative Use Only

Rustic Bakery Shortbread:

Treat yourself and loved ones to delectable, organic, and handcrafted shortbread created by Rustic Bakery! Located in Marin County, these California delights will be your guests favorite snack!

Fringe Studio Botanical Tray:

This Botanical tray is full of whimsy. You could feel the outdoors with the beautiful floral design. Perfect for a quaint accessory at home or at the office.

Fringe Studio Candle:

Blackberry and Peppercorn fragrances relax the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. With over 20-30 hours of burn time, these candles will be a recharge of the senses.

Blackberry & Peppercorn
Burn Time 20-30 hours

Art of Tea Canister:

Soothing and calming flavors are what Art of Tea’s organic tea embodies. Made in LA, Art of Tea is focused on healthy alternatives for tea. Sit down with a good book or enjoy a crisp morning with a cup of English Breakfast. Pairs well with Fringe’s Kansas Mug, Art of Tea’s Perfect Tea Timer, and tea infuser.

Medium Caffeine
Black Tea
Sri Lanka

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Weight 4.27 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 7 × 4.25 in
Leather Color

Black, Brown, Gold, Olive

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